Welcome to Life In the Liberated Zone!

JB (aka Juliana Barnet) and her trusty crew are embarking on a quest for truth and clarity about the lives, experience and culture of activists.

Life in the Liberated Zone writings, events and projects explore activist life and culture in the belly of the beast and in the liberated zones we carve out to begin creating the new world now. My goal is to understand more about who we are–revolutionaries, radicals, tree-huggers, boat-rockers, city-hall-fighters–and how we relate to one another. I want to fight the stereotypes that malign and marginalize us in the dominant culture with truthful, engaging portrayals of our folk and our reality.

The more we understand ourselves and our culture as activists, the better we can support each other, broaden our reach, fight our adversaries, and overcome our divisions.


Activist friends and colleagues! Please lend a hand to…

  • Test and review the website Life in the Liberated Zone, coming online shortly.
  • Read and comment on writing in the areas mentioned above.
  • Brainstorm and problem-solve.
  • Share your thinking about outreach and promotion. Coaching welcome!
  • Share your experiences and reflections on life as an activist in the belly of the beast.

Seeking part-time paid assistant/intern for:

  • Research for books and articles
  • Event scheduling, organizing, promotion
  • Social media, especially Goodreads, Patreon, Twitter and Facebook
  • Email promotion
  • Website launch and maintenance
  • Administration, data entry

Love and solidarity!

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